About Us

Our mission

At Concept Energy, we’re on a mission to decarbonise UK commercial buildings.

We believe in a world where energy conservation is a way of life. A sustainable future where we all live and work in low-carbon spaces.

We provide independent, specialist energy expertise to facilities management firms, building engineering consultancies and large energy users, across the public and private sector.

We’re more than your typical outsourced consultancy. We pride ourselves on long-term, collaborative partnerships that get to the heart of your building energy challenges. In fact, we see ourselves as an extension of your in-house team.

Independent partners

We’ve been helping organisations make better energy decisions since 2008. One thing that has never changed is our commitment to delivering independent guidance.


Very few energy consultancies are better placed to offer the same level of in-depth experience and understanding of the challenges faced by your business or your industry. See who we work with.


Smart, forward thinking approaches to energy

We do more than look at the ‘now’. We consider the future too. We constantly monitor the shifting trends of today’s energy landscape, in order that we can help your organisation to plan for a new, smarter energy landscape.

Results Driven

Every member of our experienced team is focused on delivering the maximum potential for efficiencies and savings and the greatest possible returns on investment. Our portfolio of successful projects for blue-chips, SMEs and the public sector offers an insight into our results-driven approach.


Talents Behind Our Success

Drawn from a variety of backgrounds, our team is experienced in a range of disciplines – from strategy development to building controls and carbon management to invoice validation.. This is what adds value for our customers. 

Peter Stockwell, Founder and Managing Director of Concept Energy
Peter Stockwell
Founder and Managing Director

Peter founded Concept Energy in 2008 to provide independent carbon and water management advice to both private and public sector organisations.

Richard Pennington, Technical Director
Richard Pennington

Richard is an energy management specialist, with decades of experience helping clients tackle their building energy challenges.

Alan Kiff
Alan Kiff
Head of Consulting

Alan joined at the start of 2018 and has a wealth of experience in energy management and contract management. A chartered engineer, he has CMVP accreditation and now heads up the Consulting department.

Patrick Dubouche, Senior Consultant
Patrick Dubouchet
Senior Consultant

Patrick has been with Concept Energy since 2008, almost since the beginning. He provides a comprehensive energy management service and is an expert in data analytics.

Dr Chris Underwood, Senior Consultant for Concept Energy
Dr Chris Underwood
Senior Consultant

Chris is Professor Emeritus at Northumbria University, and has nearly 40 years of experience as an academic specialising in the modelling and control of HVAC plant and controls for buildings. Chris’ expertise brings a different dimension to our analysis and study of building performance for our clients.

Jamie Green
Senior Consultant

Jamie joined us in 2018, with a background in renewables and project management. He has years of experience in the range of renewable technologies – from specification and overseeing installation through to ongoing monitoring.

Peri Llewellyn, Technical Co-ordinator
Peri Llewellyn
Technical Co-ordinator

Peri joined Concept Energy in 2014 and is responsible for technical support and organising the activities of our team of engineers.

Darren Vincent, Senior Engineer
Darren Vincent
Technical Manager

Darren has worked at Concept Energy since 2010 and heads the team of technical engineers who are responsible for the installation and maintenance of Aspect and other metering solutions.

Luke Farmer, Bureau Team Leader
Luke Farmer
Bureau Manager

Luke supervises the activities of the bureau team as well as handling some client activities. He ensures that all our reporting and analytical output is accurate and complete.

Kirstie Lindsay – Finance Manager at Concept Energy
Kirstie Lindsay
Business Manager

Kirstie joined us in 2019 and brings with her a wealth of finance experience. Before joining Concept she spent 20 years in the hotel industry, working as finance manager and latterly as internal auditor for a major UK group.

Andrew Goodes
Senior Energy Analyst

A key member of our Energy Bureau team, Andrew joined Concept in 2015. Within the Bureau he is our lead for utility procurement issues and is responsible for maintaining our extensive database of market intelligence to support the procurement process – electricity, gas and water.

Emma Shaw
Emma Shaw

Emma joined Concept Energy in 2020. She is an accredited NDEA and supports compliance activities including SECR, EPCs and DECs.

Hon Lam Kwan
Hon Lam Kwan

Hon Lam has 5 years M&E experience and has recently joined as a Consultant within our Decarbonisation team.

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