MEES Guidance – Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards

Understanding the impact of MEES

As of 1 April 2023, the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards have increased their restrictions. Now, it is unlawful for commercial landlords to let properties (including existing leases) with an EPC rating of band F or G.

The MEES are set to tighten further, requiring a minimum EPC of B by 2030, and an interim milestone of EPC C by 2028.

Achieve MEES compliance with sector expertise from our team. Regardless of your current position in your energy journey, our guidance can help you reach your end goals and assist you in your application for an exemption (if appropriate) from MEES.

Get started with our free guide to the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards.

How we can help


We can help steer a pathway to compliance and ensure you maximise opportunities.


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