At Concept, we will always consider applications from the very best individuals who can bring technical excellence and a high level of professionalism to our client projects.

We’re currently recruiting for a number of roles:

1. Energy Analyst


With an increasing client base and an expanding range of analysis and reporting services we need an additional analyst to join our Energy Bureau. The position would suit someone with strong numerical skills, competent with excel in particular and comfortable with data handling and software in general. The right person for the position will demonstrate awareness of the great importance we attach to accuracy, detail and timeliness in all our work.


The role requires the collection, analysis and reporting of data in various media. We use our own software – ASPECT – to collect building performance data in real-time which is analysed and used to help our clients to improve efficiency, reduce plant downtime and to cut emissions. We also work with other software packages to gather data and our analysts work in teams with the consultants to provide analysis and reporting services to our clients. We have deadlines for much of our reporting output and our analysts must be able to work under pressure when necessary, as part of an efficient team that is a key department within the Company.


If you are interested and have the required qualities please send your CV to Peter Stockwell: email

2. Building Certification – DEC Assessor


Our client base includes numerous organisations who ask us to produce Display Energy Certificates for their buildings across the UK – an annual requirement at present in many instances. At present the production of these DECs, as with other elements of building certification and compliance, is shared between a number of our consultants and we wish now to appoint one individual to take primary responsibility for this service.


We are seeking to appoint an accredited DEC assessor to take responsibility for ensuring the timely production of all DECs within scope, including site surveys where applicable. They will need to engage actively with our Energy Bureau with regard to the collection and presentation of energy consumption data and work with our consultants to provide high standards of customer service at all times.

Of necessity, the role involves some travel and so the individual must have a clean driving licence and provide their own transport. The position need not necessarily be based at our offices in Hampshire.


If you are interested and have the required qualities, qualifications and experience please send your CV to Peter Stockwell: email

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