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Building Energy Modelling is increasingly used to help understand holistically the energy flows in buildings. At Concept we offer two types of building energy modelling: Bulk Energy Modelling and Dynamic Simulation Modelling which allow us to establish a specific decarbonisation pathway, provide life cycle cost analysis and provide outline clarity on how best to prioritise spending on carbon/energy reduction.

An in-depth site survey is required for both options to establish the site dimensions, building fabric and building services.

Bulk Energy Modelling enables us to construct a more general energy model of a site, giving an understanding of the building heat loads, for example. Modelling in this way allows us to make a reasonable approximation for considering various heating options and the feasibility of on-site renewables. It is a cost-effective option which gives clients a good indication of the opportunities available.

Dynamic Simulation Modelling requires a full 3D model of the site to be developed, with details of building services and how they interact with each other. This higher level of modelling gives us an accurate picture that informs decisions on heating and decarbonisation measures.

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