Out of Hours Audits

What we do

Where sub metering does not assist, the best way to understand energy consumption outside normal working hours is to undertake an audit. Nighttime consumption can represent a significant proportion of total usage, yet it is often the usage that is least understood and can include a considerable proportion of wasted energy.

We are experienced in auditing consumption out of hours: to identify all uses of electricity, gas and other fuels and build a picture of how the overnight baseloads are made up.

We’ll present our findings and work with you to isolate and remove those elements of the baseload that are not essential energy uses.

We can tailor the outputs of the out of hours audit to your needs, depending on the scope of work required, and then provide reports at an appropriate level of detail.

Identifying and quantifying areas of excessive energy/carbon can quite commonly lead to savings in overnight consumption of over 20%.

How we can help


Learn how we saved an Academy Trust £10,000 a year through an out of hours audit.


Want to know a little more?

Feel free to contact one of our knowledgeable team members who can advise on solutions and assign to you a consultant when the time is right.

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