Decarbonisation Studies

What we do

Increasingly, organisations are using decarbonisation studies to understand where/how energy is being used in their buildings, and to identify ways to limit consumption. “Green gas” and other options such as the use of hydrogen are currently not widely available in the UK and so finding alternative means of producing heat and hot water in buildings is often a focus of decarbonisation studies.

We typically follow a carbon reduction hierarchy when studying building energy performance, looking first at behavioural issues and building controls, through to renewables generation and with off-setting as a last resort.

A full decarbonisation study involves building modelling using approved software, in order to be able to simulate the impact of various options and arrive at the best solutions.

This approach has been used successfully with a number our clients seeking to participate in the various phases of the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme.

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Organisations across the public and private sector benefit from our energy expertise. Learn more about who we work with.


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Feel free to get in touch about your decarbonisation challenge. We can advise on solutions and assign to you a building decarbonisation consultant when the time is right.

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