How we're tackling the climate emergency

We believe in a world where energy conservation is a way of life. We’re working towards a sustainable future where we all live and work in low-carbon spaces. Our contribution to solving the climate emergency is to decarbonise UK non-domestic buildings; we provide independent, specialist energy expertise to large energy users, facilities management firms and building engineering consultancies, across the public and private sector.

This is why we have aligned our business to the UN Sustainable Development Goals numbers 7, 12, 13 and 15.

Our Sustainable Development Goals

Transparent on carbon emissions

Many companies are now striving for Net Zero emissions. In our own company, we have set a carbon reduction target as part of our ISO 14001 activities (our footprint is already very small). 

We have not set a carbon neutral target. We believe this target can only be achieved through carbon offsetting; and as yet, we have not selected an independently verified offsetting organisation with whom we are comfortable to work. To learn more about our thoughts on offsetting, take a read of our FAQs below.

Flexible & wellbeing aware

We offer staff the option of working at our Basingstoke HQ or remotely, where it is practical, together with flexible hours to accommodate the needs of childcare and outside interests. Wherever staff choose to work, their wellbeing is very important to us, and we provide mental and physical health support for all. 

We continually assess employer accreditations and standards, and adopt them where there is a clear benefit and good fit with the company. 

Nurturing people & talent

We aim to offer our team a nurturing and inclusive working environment where they can reach their full potential and develop their skills. We maintain a training matrix for all of our staff and keep details of all training undertaken. Right now, we are working towards every member of our team having a personal development plan in place.

Social Mobility Pledge

We’re proud signatories of the Social Mobility Pledge. This commits us to improving social mobility through outreach, access and recruitment. Find out more here.

Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility FAQs

Like many businesses in our part of the energy consulting sector, we have persistent concerns as to the efficacy of many aspects of offsetting. And, we are also worried about the validity of many of the organisations who purport to undertake this activity on behalf of others.

However, we do recognise that there is a place for offsetting in any carbon-reduction aspiration. Moving forward, we intend to assign responsibility to one of our senior consultants to investigate this area thoroughly – with the aim of identifying an offsetting organisation with whom we can work with confidence.

Yes we do. Our Environmental Policy is in place – and is reviewed and approved by our directors on an annual basis.

No, we don’t. The reason for this is that we occupy a serviced office where the energy is procured by our landlord – so we are not in position to effect change. However, we have recently made representations to our landlords to request that they adopt a green energy procurement policy.

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