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Two-month grace period for ESOS compliance

The long-awaited IT system for Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) compliance is now live, according to the latest update from the Environment Agency (EA). In response to the delays, the EA has relaxed its enforcement position for firms in scope. IT system update The online compliance portal – called Manage your Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme […]

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ESOS is being strengthened: Concept’s quick guide

The government has just announced its plans to raise the ambition and standards of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, to make it a greater driver for energy efficiency action and align it with UK decarbonisation goals. Some of the changes will take place in the current phase (Phase 3), with a compliance deadline of 5 […]

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EA strengthens ESOS penalties for non-compliance

The Environment Agency is set to strengthen its approach to ESOS enforcement, now that the scheme is in its third phase. Previously not all those organisations liable for penalties received them; now that the scheme has reached maturity, the EA wants to take a more consistent approach. Separate penalties will now be handed out for […]

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Government consults on strengthening ESOS to meet net zero

The government has outlined proposals that would see major changes to the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), including requirements for organisations to disclose their ESOS data publicly and carry out a net zero assessment. The consultation is open until the end of September and changes are likely to come into force during the current phase […]

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